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Recycled Nanocoatings

Industrial products for the outstanding recycling, construction, plastic, defense industry sectors by producing nano materials and combining nano materials with plant and mineral waste.

The content of the material consists of boron, mold clay, pumice powder, perlite powder, silica, quartz, glass waste, tea pulp, fruit, etc. minaral and vegetable recycling waste materials.

Thermal insulation systems include EPS coating, rockwool, thermal insulation paints, glasswool, precast coatings, etc.

Nano-technological heat and sound insulation materials that makes and prevents the spread of fire flame-resistant light, heat and sound insulation.


The product is sound and heat insulation material produced by reinforced nano composite adhesives of inorganic minarals that are not recycled and organic plant nano materials of waste that is not harmful to human health. Production is in progres in Machine tracks developed with Nanomax technology.

Low expansion factor
Easy to assemble
Recycled, economical product

Product Replaces

Eps Polyethylene Foam
Rock Wool
Glass Wool
Malamine Foam
Phenol Foam
Waste of Water and Wood

Products Scheduled For Release

versions of recycled coating material (new models, designs, etc.)
recycled sound and heat insulation floor cover
snow-repellent coating roof