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Designs for Intellectuals

The object of art is not to reproduce reality but to create a reality of the same intensity.

Alberto Giacometti

Timeless Places: French Style

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to French style decoration; there are golden, large, draped and vintage furniture from Louisiana XV. It is possible to apply this luxury and timeless beauty to our home in a few steps. If you are trying to strike a balance between elegant and rustic, this interior style is the best choice. The most beautiful rule of the French style is that it is without rules. This style is shaped according to the habits and style of the host and gives us a sense of experience.

Carved Furniture

Carved furniture, which is called Provence, made of walnut and oak and produced as plain painted or raw, is the main part of the French style. You can choose these antique painted furniture in the dining room, bedroom and living room.

One of the sine qua non of the houses furnished in the French style is the large dining tables. Square or round, it always gives the feeling of hosting heavy guests. The spaces you create will be combined with the elegance of handcraft.

Supporting Actor and Leading Walls

We can support the interior furnished in a French style with walls in natural colors or painted white. Then we can decorate it with paintings and mirrors with romantic frames. On the other hand, we can complement rooms designed in pastel tones with patterned wallpapers and bring them to the fore. These walls will make you feel in one of the high-rise houses with balconies in Paris. You can achieve effortless elegance by applying whatever you want.

Modern and Traditional

Many of us do not think that it is possible to combine a modern armchair with a rustic nightstand. When applied, it reinforces the friendly, comfortable and warm atmosphere of a magnificent french style. Do not hesitate to apply different tenses in the same place. For example, you can combine a family heirloom console or table with modern furniture. When you apply it, you will feel the peace of irregularity and the character you reflect on your home.

Container and Tiny House Fashion

Steel Structures with Unique Options for You

In recent years, steel-framed houses have experienced a boom due to the many advantages it offers homeowners and builders.
With its exceptional spreading ability of steel, dimensional stability over time, acoustic damping ability, recyclability and functional properties including speed and precision to be manufactured and assembled on site with minimal on-site labor, it offers nature lovers everything they are looking for.

Assembly quickly and efficiently.

Off-site pre-production.

30% reduction in construction time.

Installation in a short time.

Reduction of unnecessary excavation.

Due to the weight advantage, it can be installed on a simpler foundation.

Our structures comply with S390 – S450 – S550 standards, National regulations and international EuroCode AISI – IBC – ASCE – TS 648.